Anand Chitipothu

Advanced Python Programming

Two day hands-on course on advanced features of Python programming language.

This course assumes that the participants already have good experience with Python.


1. Warm up

Review of Python programming language. Topics covered are lists, dictionaries, list comprehensions, modules.

2. Iterators and Generators

Introduction to Iterators, generators and generator expressions with emphesis on working with large data and how these techiques help code more readable.

3. Functional Programming

Covers recursion, higher order functions and decorators.

4. Deeper look at classes and objects

Understaing classes and objects at a deeper level. Covers old-style and new-style classes, static methods, class methods, special methods for operator overloading, meta classes, slots, descriptors etc.

5. Writing Python Libraries

Covers best practices of writing, documenting, testing and distributing python libraries.


All participants must come with a laptop to the course. The participants are expected to try examples and solve exercises in the class.

The laptop should have Python 2.7 installed in it.

About the Instructor

Anand Chitipothu is a passionate programmer with more than 10 years of experience. He has experience ranging from building rich desktop applications to scaling high-traffic websites, writing high-performance scientific tools to modern proxy servers.

Anand has offered Python training to various corporates, conducted Python workshops at various colleges, spoke at various tech conferences.

Anand conducts public traning classes in Bangalore on a semi-regular basis.

Anand is co-author and current maintainer of, a web framework in Python.

He is currently employed by Internet Archive.


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