Anand Chitipothu

Introducing Archive Pages

15 November 2020 – Bangalore

Today, in memory of Aaron Swartz, I’m introducing Archive Pages, a little tool to let you host websites for your archives on the Internet Archive.

Internet Archive is wonderful institution. It more-or-less provides infinite storage and infinite bandwidth for public data forever for free.

However, it is hard to host a website on the Internet Archive. What if you have a nice website for an archive that you’ve hosted on the Archive? What if you want to restore a lost website from the Wayback Machine? Woundn’t it be nice to host the website also on the Internet Archive along with your archives?

With Archive Pages, you can now add a file to your item with all contents of the website and the website will be live at

Think of it as Github Pages for the Internet Archive.

Sounds interesting?

Checkout the website or the source code.

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