Anand Chitipothu

Good Bye FOSS United!

31 Mar 2022 – Bangalore

I have joined FOSS United Foundation in the beginning of last year.

During this time, I’ve focussed most of my efforts on building Mon School, an online platform for learning programming, created a new course The Joy of Programming, supported a couple of new authors in creating courses on the platform and ran a course with large cohort of 3000+ students and 200+ mentors.

However, the adoption of the platform was not as much as I wanted it to be. Perhaps, building a consumer facing product is not my cup of tea, how much ever excited I’m about this space.

Beginning of this year, I’ve deicded to move on. I took some more time to wrap up all the open threads.

Today is my last working day at FOSS United. While, I’m moving on from the organization, the sprit of Free and Open Source Software and the vision of the FOSS United continues to inspire me.

Do svidaniya, FOSS United!

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